Have you ever wondered how Bricklayers make it look so simple?

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..and we've also added a 'Print Me' section, where you can print your own copy
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some of the main aspects of bricklaying

We'll teach you the basic skills you'll need to help you on your way to building
your very own Barbeque you can be proud of,
or even a letterbox for your brand new or existing home?

Here at www.howtolaybricks.com.au, we follow the Australian Standards for Masonry,
and show you some of the tolerances & standards you need to abide by
to complete masonry work over and above an acceptable level.

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" After having purchased many video's and dvd's on the subject of bricklaying I can
say without a doubt that your is the best series I have ever seen ! "

Willie - USA

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" I have watched brickies work in amazement and thought to myself I could never do that.
These videos gave me the knowledge and helped me with my skills so that I was able to
build my own Pizza oven. The are easy to follow and each step is explained in detail.
Thanks for the site "

Adam - Australia

 : . 'HOW TO' videos are now online!!
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"Great site you have, very informative, way better than a book for sure!
I've been getting info from the net and local gardening suppliers and your site is very clear
and straight forward, so that it really gives me alot of confidence!"

Michael G

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